Gosport Local History Luncheon Club

What is Gosport Local History Luncheon Club?

The Gosport Local History Luncheon Club started out as a further education class at St Vincent College. The photo above is the frontage building of that college.

You can find a fuller history of the club in the about section of this site. Here all I need to say is the club is open to all with an interest in local history in Gosport, the surrounding area and any form of links to Gosport and the area.

What is involved at the Gosport History Club meetings?

You can attend the meetings as you wish. A talk or presentation will take place either of an outside speaker or one or more more of the members. The talk and/ or presentation will be of some research in many forms by themselves or others on a local topic. At the summer (July)  and Christmas (November) meeting a change may be made to the normal proceedings. Such as a local history quiz or discussions about items and photographs brought in by members.

You can, if you wish stay to lunch at, I hope you will agree not too expensive extra charge. A Ploughman’s Lunch, plus tea/ coffee and biscuits, as well as the opportunity to discuss the talk, other areas of local history or anything else.

If you are interested in researching an area you will be able to find people to give as little or as much assistants as you wish and if you are not confidant talking in front of a group, someone to read out your talk or present your presentation. You may wish to carry out joint research and talk with someone who has similar interests to you.

You can even just go to the meetings and listen to the talks given by others.

Site Move

This is an update to the previous site which is at www.gosporthistoryarchive.org.uk. When the move from the old site to the new has been completed the above address will be linked to this site. When checked I will direct the address of the old site www.gosporthistoryarchive.org.uk to this site and delete the old site. If you spot errors or items not moved here please let me know ian@gosport.info .

Gosport History from SpitBank
Gosport from Spitbank Fort in The Solent

Talks 2017 at Christchurch Hall from 12noon

21st September 2017 AGM and election of committee Speaker Dot Bedenham, ‘Blakes’.

19th October 2017 ‘Bomb Damage in Gosport WW2′ by Bob Lawrence

16th November 2017 ’19th Century Pastimes in the Tottenham Diary’ (Christmas Raffle)

Updated 15th November 2017